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The Center for Permanent Cosmetics enables clients to achieve permanent lip, eyeliner and eyebrow color. Permanent cosmetic make-up is a procedure that permanently implants pigments into the skin to add color. These enhancing procedures represent a breakthrough in cosmetic application and change the way we think of cosmetics and tattooing.

While beauty is often considered a reflection from the inside that radiates to the outside, external beauty can

• Build self confidence

• Save the time of applying make-up

• Camouflage imperfections

• Bring out your best, most attractive features

Permanent cosmetics is a refined, very precise process requiring skill and experience. The colors that are applied as "make-up" are unique to each client and would look different on another person. To be most enhancing and beautiful, the process requires expertise in skin pigmentation and the artistry of tattooing in permanent cosmetics.